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HRMA WNE Board of Directors Application

    Thank you for your interest in participating in a volunteer capacity toward the success of our Chapter. In order for you to effectively consider a role with the board, we have developed an overview of the duties below.  We also hope you have taken the opportunity to view our website so can learn more about our organization, as well as to further orient you about board requirements and governing responsibilities.

    Once you have viewed this information, we would appreciate you completing the attached application form, which offers the Board of Directors an opportunity to learn more about you and your particular skill set.  You can return the forms by email to Suzanne Laporte at, or mail them to:

    Suzanne Laporte
    Van Pool Transportation
    70 Post Office Park, Suite 7003

    Wilbraham, MA 01095

    After review, a board member will advise you of the determined available volunteer position option(s).  Please keep in mind that if we are unable to place you within a board of director’s position, we encourage participation in a committee role.

    Should you have any question regarding this material, please contact anyone on the Nomination Committee:


    Respectfully yours,
    Allison Ebner, President

    Summary of Board of Director Duties

    A. Participate in Board activities: monthly meeting attendance
    B. Determine the organization's mission and purposes
    C. Develop and approve policy
    D. Establish organizational priorities
    E. Ensure effective organizational planning (strategic and long range)
    F. Manage / ensure adequate resources
    H. Determine and monitor the organization's programs and services
    I. Enhance the organization's public image
    J. Assess own performance and practices
    K. Carry out board financial, legal and public responsibilities
    L. Understand and communicate the organization's mission
    M. Oversee the organization's compliance with legal regulations and other standards
    N. Exercise approval of outside counsel (legal, accounting, managerial)
    O. Oversee the organizational financial structure and activity, including income, expenses, borrowing, insurance coverage, audits, bank relations, fund-raising, and other financial procedures
    P. Oversee new board member orientation 

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