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Monthly Program Content

    March 2018 Program

    Lauren Glickman gave us loads of great information, along with great tools to utilize when we need to have those uncomfortable converstations.  The interaction of the membership was amazing, we shared and learned new ideas, and takeaways.



    February 2018 Program

    Thank you very much Russ Sullivan for all of the insightful information you provided!  Data Analytics can be challenging, but when presented by Russ - you understand what you need and how to obtain it in a very fun and engaging way.  Please feel free to reach out to Russ if you need assistance, or would like him to work on you to design a spreadsheet to read all the data.

    HR Data Analytics Presentation

    February 2018 Gov't Affairs Newsletter


    January 2018 Program

    What a great way to start the year off.  We had the outstanding talent of John Gannon and Patti D'Amaddio presenting the updates and best practices of the Pay Equity Law, that takes effect July 1, 2018.  Jason Randall from MGM updated us on the progress for the opening of Western Massachusetts first Casino.  Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club was featured as our non-profit spotlight - it you are looking for a team event for the employees or family members of your organization, please call them regarding the Dragon Boat Challenge.  United Bank was our premiere event sponsor, with Maureen Pickenally bring updates to us.  

    January program deck

    MGM Update as of 1/22/18 (this is a large file)

    January 2018 Government Affairs Update


    December 2017 Event

    Our first ever Cocktails & Credit event. We raised $300 for Lorraines Soup Kitchen (this will buy 3000 pounds of food).  We are hoping to do this program again next year.  THANK YOU everyone that made it a huge success.


    November 2017 Program

    Linda Candage & Gary Howe presented a program about bringing Vet's into the workplace.  These presenters had a wealth of knowledge, and shared it. We wanted to include other links as well, that were referenced during the program for our membership.  Watch the survey, we will be asking questions about involvement that HRMA can play on getting Veterans into the workplace.

    November Program Deck Part 1

    November Program Deck Part 2 (SHRM Tri-State)

    November Program Deck Part 3 (Program)

    Blue book info:  (Can download)

    Work Opportunity Tax Credit- Employers:

    Form 8850: (Needed at the time of hiring a Veteran)




    October 2017 Program

    What can we say, other than - amazing!  Thank you Janice Mazzallo from PeoplesBank for presenting an amazing program about onboarding.  It is no wonder PeoplesBank has been voted best place to work many times over.  Be sure to check out the program deck for more details, and feel free to reach out to Janice.

    October Program Deck

    October Government Update


    September 2017 Program

    WOW!!!  That is one of the first words that comes to mind.  We enjoyed an a fun networking session, had awesome vendors, and amazing - talented speakers.  We unveiled our new logo, updated the chapter with new things coming down the pike (now that it has electronic toling), and updated our website.  Just a litlle FYI - we are working on updating the web as well - watch for more details.  Thank you everyone that attended - and THANK YOU to everyone for making this event a huge success.  $200 for the Student Raffle - the will help our Young Profesionals and further our talent pool.

    September Networking Deck

    September Program Deck

    September Government Update



    May 2017 Program

    What a wonderful way to end this season of programs! We announced the Excel Platinum Award, awarded a scholorship to an outstanding student member, and to top it all off, had an outstanding panel full of knowledge.  Please click the links below for more details.  THANK YOU everyone for this past season - it is because of you, we do what we do.

    May 2017 PPT Deck

    May Government Affairs Newsletter

    Ronald McDonald House of Springfield


    April 2017 Program

    Wow, just when we thought we knew everything about our talent management strategy, Patti Dunning brought new light to that.  This was a wonderfully interactive event full of knowledge, thank you to all that attended.  Please click the links below for more details.
    For lots of fun facts and downloadable content click here:


    March 2017 Program

    What a magnificant day! Thank you to all that attended this event.  There was so much detail covered that we have an entire page dedicated to the event.  Please click the link below to access all of the wonderful information provided.

    Understanding Gender Identity Program Materials and Page

    March Governemnt Affairs Newsletter


    February 2017 Program

    Peter Brunault presented us with a new look on the process of internal investigations.  What many of us thought as a difficult and time consuming task, could be solved by just answering one question.  Check out the presentation below for more details.  Be sure to check out the handout from the program, it is a great tool to help keep everything on track.  Thank you for an awesome program.

    Just the Facts - Effective Internal Investigations 

    Conducting the Investigation - Handout

    February Government Affairs Newsletter


    January 2017 Program

    David O'Brien from Workchoice Solutions presented a wonderful program on Workplace Accountablility.  It was a night of learning, fun, and self discovery.  Please be sure to visit David's website at  Below you will find useful information. Thank you to everyone that attended!

    One Question That Matters by David A O'Brien

    Bridging The Generational Divide by David A O'Brien

    Buidling a Culture of Accountability - presented by David O'Brien

    January Government Affairs Newsletter


    December 2016 Program

    Mark Snow from the Employers Associaton of New England presented a wonderful and informative program on Creating Organizational Efficiencies for Increased Performance.  During the program, we listened to a tape about how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. You will be surprised to find out the outcome.  Check out the program presentation for more details.

    Mark Snow Program Presentation


    November 2016 Program

    Visit the Blue-U Website for more information.

    November Government Affairs Newsletter

    October 2016 Program

    Russ Sullivan from AIM presented a very infomative program, highlighting the changes to FLSA coming up December 1, 2016.  He has provided his presentaion for you to view along with some program material.   If you would ike to see the program invite, with our event sponsor click here.
    THANK YOU Russ, you did an outstanding job!

    September 2016 Program

    A very big THANK YOU to the outstanding Meghan Sullivan for another enlightening and entertaining presentation.  A great way to kick off our 2016-2017 program season.