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May 21st Dinner Meeting: How to Cultivate Empowered Decision Makers in your Company

    May 7, 2018


    Monday, May 21st4pm to 7pm

    Networking & Cocktails (4pm to 4:45pm) & Formal Program (4:45pm to 6:30)

    Buffet Dinner at 6:30pm


    How to Cultivate Empowered Decision Makers in your Company

    (Note! This is an interactive workshop using small groups and case studies!)



    Is your company capitalizing on forward-thinking game changers?

    The best decisions often no longer come from the top down. Today’s employees bring an’ intrapreneurial’ mindset to the workplace, and many are ready to work collaboratively to bring a new sense of innovation and creativity to the company. When nurtured, these savvy thinkers can make positive, impactful decisions that are in the best interest of the team, department, and ultimately the success of the organization.

    Are your leaders still struggling to release a hierarchical approach to decision-making based on past experiences or lack of trust?

    This workshop will also explore how to nurture decision makers when the company culture and structure present barriers that frustrate the process. Working in small accountability groups, participants will develop a 30-day action plan and explore the topic further with case studies. This workshop will offer strategies on how to: 

    • Develop a decision-making framework 
    • Manage expectations when organizational factors often impact your decision-making ability
    • Acknowledge effort and small victories 
    • Trust your employees' ability to make strong decisions in critical times 
    • Eliminate barriers to successful decision-making 


    Karen Hinds

    CEO of Workplace Success Group LLC

    Karen S. Hinds is known as the Emerging Leader Expert. Karen is the Founder and CEO of Workplace Success Group, an international firm that has been referred to as a training ground for future business leaders. The company’s signature program Leadership Ready™ helps high-potential, emerging leaders to work more effectively with others, handle increasing levels of responsibilities, and take charge of their leadership growth.

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